Selecting Aircraft Scales

Intercomp aviation weighing systems are used to weigh aircraft ranging from light sport aircraft to the largest commercial and military aircraft in service today. Large organizations can operate and deploy both platform scales and top-of-jack weighing systems when there are various types of aircraft in the fleet based in multiple locations.

Selection of the best aircraft weight and balance equipment also includes evaluating the manufacturer and available support.  Having manufactured aircraft scales for decades, Intercomp, an ISO 9001 certified company, incorporates a quality management system to deliver the highest quality products and support available.  Crafted from aerospace grade aluminum, our aircraft scales and systems are manufactured and assembled at our facility in Minnesota, USA. The aircraft scales are tested and calibrated with NIST traceable load cells prior to delivery, providing documented accuracy in addition to required safety certifications for operation in aircraft hangars.  This dedication to safety, quality, and usability is reflected in system components such as ramps, spacers, carts and cases, and the indicators and software available for each system.

When evaluating which method to weigh aircraft, platform scales and top-of-jack aircraft weighing systems each have capacities that encompass the range from UAV’s to Boeing 747s, with systems that can be customized to each customer’s requirements. Maintenance personnel may have experience that lends a preference to one or the other method for weighing, but Intercomp offers training for either way to weigh an aircraft.

Low Profile Aircraft Platform Scales Aircraft Platform Scales
Available in capacities ranging up to 80,000lbs (40,000kgs), these systems are used for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft of all sizes. Information to have available when considering a platform scale system include: different aircraft in the fleet that are to be weighed, total weight of each aircraft to be weighed, number of wheels in the landing gear, weight per wheel, and the tire footprint size of each wheel. Aircraft weight and balance engineers use these scales for all types of aircraft, but platform scales are used for the majority of aircraft with six wheels or more to simplify weighing procedures.
JackWeigh Aircraft Kits Top-of-Jack Weighing Systems
Available in standard capacities ranging up to 450,000lbs (225,000kgs), these JackWeigh systems are also used for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft of many sizes. Weighing military aircraft such as helicopters and smaller airframes is common on top-of-jack systems. Organizations that commonly provide aircraft maintenance on aircraft jacks or have a history of weighing aircraft on jacks usually have JackWeigh systems available for weight and balance operations. As platform scale systems have become more portable and easier to place under aircraft for multiple weighings, weighing larger aircraft on jacks is less prevalent.

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