Intercomp Service & Calibration

Intercomp is ISO 9001 certified and maintains comprehensive service capabilities to support all our weighing products, including force calibration presses for annual calibration of aircraft weighing platform scale and top of jack systems.

These calibration presses have load cells that are directly traceable to NIST to ensure the most accurate and reproducible weighings with your Intercomp aircraft weight and balance systems. For customers that want on-site calibration capability, Intercomp offers manual and fully automated force calibration systems for sale which can be installed in local calibration facilities.

Intercomp supplied calibration presses to customers such as the United States Air Force (USAF), US Army, NASA, Boeing, Airbus, and airlines and MROs around the world.

Automated Calibration Press Automated Calibration Press
The Intercomp CSA™ Automated Test Stand allows for rapid scale calibration of Intercomp aircraft scales. Connecting the scales to the software allows for the entire alignment and calibration process to be automated. Software controls automated application of force with no manual inputs for as found, alignment, and certification runs.  For Intercomp scales, results are also recorded automatically removing the requirement of data entry from the user. For organizations with multiple sets of Intercomp scales, the automated process saves calibration time shortening the amount of time scales are out of service for scheduled calibration.
Manual Calibration Press Manual Calibration Press
The Intercomp CSM™ Manual Test Stand allows for on-site scale calibration of Intercomp aircraft scales. This press offers straightforward operation with highly accurate operation with the load cell and indicator. The CSM™ Test stand can accommodate different scale models with its large surface area, and is an excellent addition to any calibration laboratory.