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JackWeigh EZ Kit Low to Mid-Capacity

Low to Mid Capacity JackWeigh systems are used for small fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, for maintenance and weight and balance operations.

Employed in sets of three to four load cells, these weighing kits are used for aircraft with jack point weights up to 25,000lbs (12,500kg.) or 100,000lbs (50,000kg.) total weight.

Components are contained in storage cases, and are single person portable for deployment and storage before and after weighings. A to D conversion occurs at the load cell, enabling hot swapping of load cells between multiple kits without recalibration. Each top-of-jack weighing kit includes top cup adaptors for jack points, and interchangeable adaptors to accommodate most all types of jacks. With the included indicator and selected leveling tools, the JackWeigh kits simplify weighing procedures.

Available in either cabled or RFX™ wireless technology to communicate with indicators and software, the load cell systems perform with 0.1% accuracy and excellent repeatability while mitigating side and off level loads automatically. Intercomp JackWeigh systems can be deployed faster, safer, and perform more accurate and repeatable readings than any other weight and balance equipment available.

JackWeigh RFX Kit
Military Helicopter on top of jack scales Military fighter aircraft on top of jack scales Government aircraft on top of jack scales
Complete Kit for Weighing Boeing CH-47 Weighing  Lockheed Martin F-16 Weighing  Beechcraft C-12 King Air Weighing 
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